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Münster Therme, Düsseldorf

The building:

The historic “Münster Therme” baths in Düsseldorf, a typical Art Nouveau building built between 1900 and 1920.

The project:

New shower areas for the prestigious Münster Therme. Within the scope of the refurbishment works, Bädergesellschaft Düsseldorf selected CONGENIAL shower panels from CONTI+. All work was completed in 2019. And since then? The results can be summed up quite simply: fully operational – not to mention faultless and flawless.

The challenge:

“Old meets new”. The purpose of the shower area modernisation project was to harmoniously combine modern requirements with historical architecture. Fittings, hygiene and water management had to be brought up to date – although in strict compliance with the requirements of the preservation order.

The solution:

Our CONGENIAL shower panels blend seamlessly into the Art Nouveau architecture of the shower areas thanks to the “historical accuracy” of the special paint finish. The thermostatic mixers deliver a contemporary shower experience, while our CNX water management system ensures an efficient and hygienic water supply in the two-storey building.

Products used:

CONTI+ CONGENIAL shower panel with an acrylic composite cover including shelf; electronic (piezo pushbutton) with thermal disinfection for refurbishment of the existing fittings, integrated into the CNX water management system from CONTI+. Colour coating NCS S 2020G30y (green) in keeping with the requirements of the preservation order.

Project data:

  • Owner / operator: Bädergesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH
  • Architect / design engineer: Richard Genschmer / City of Düsseldorf, Building Construction Office (originator 1902) / Deyle Management GmbH (2003)
  • Conversion / completion: General renovation 2003; conversion 2019

The background story:

Something that we take for granted in many places was still a rarity at the beginning of the 19th century: your own bathroom. Population growth and endeavours to improve urban hygiene led to the establishment of public baths, where burghers and workers could use this public hygiene facility at different allocated times. While the first buildings were simple functional structures, a representative architectural style developed at the height of the Art Nouveau movement. The Münster Therme was also built between 1900 and 1902, according to plans drawn up by architect Richard Genschmer. In addition to the central swimming pool, the bathhouse also offered bathtubs and showers, as well as medicinal and steam baths.

The two-storey building is accessed via a staircase and a spacious entrance hall. Inside, the atmosphere is characterised by the basilical design of the swimming hall. The changing rooms that run the length of the pool are split over two levels with an adjacent gallery. The original wooden cubicles have been redesigned in line with the preservation order. The rooms for massages, wellness and medical treatments are located in a part of the building that runs parallel to the swimming hall. An outdoor saltwater pool provides the finishing touch to the range of facilities.


    © Bädergesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH

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    Münster-Therme in Düsseldorf | conti+

    CONTI+ CNX water management system

    CNX water management system – CNX water management system applications are especially suitable for buildings that require drinking water installations offering high functionality and levels of drinking water hygiene. 


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    Innovative, robust, durable, versatile – unique and versatile, our wide product range has been systematically optimised over many years. Our electronic showers, with shower panels and electronic CONTI+ CONGENIAL water inlet, offer luxurious comfort combined with maximum hygiene and safety. The water inlet equipped with a robust piezo pushbutton is a particular highlight.

    From battery or mains operation and control via the Service APP through to integration into the innovative CNX water management system, reliable shower operation is guaranteed.

    In addition, the electronic version with CNX allows beneficial functions such as sanitary rinse and thermal disinfection, and therefore meets all the requirements of the current German Drinking Water Ordinance.

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