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CONTI+ terminal filters

In the event of microbial contamination of a drinking water installation, terminal filters can be used as a temporary acute measure in preparation for microbiological or structural decontamination to quickly restore and secure drinking water quality at the points of use.

Dangerous germs can be passed to people in contaminated water. Terminal filters used in drinking water installations that are contaminated with legionella must be fitted to all points of use where aerosols may form. These are, for example, showers as well as faucets for bathtubs, washbasins and kitchen sinks.

Legionella bacteria are generally inhaled via steam, e.g. from a hot shower, and then get into the lungs. Terminal means that there are no other technical components between the filter and the point of use. If there is contamination in a drinking water installation, terminal filters can only be used temporarily at the points of use until the system has been decontaminated.