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CONTI+ lino faucets

Our lino faucets take functionality to a new level – in the private sector as well. After all, the lino range is not just beautiful to look at but also easy to operate. Water only flows when it’s needed – for economical and convenient use. Thanks to the touch-free operation, the faucet and washbasin remain hygienically clean for longer.


CONTI+ lino installation to deck

CONTI+ lino activate faucet

CONTI+ lino sensor range adjustment

CONTI+ lino Changing Time of water flow

CONTI+ lino continuous run

CONTI+ lino line purge feature

CONTI+ lino time of waterflow for line purge

CONTI+ lino restart electronic

CONTI+ lino hotwater adjustment

CONTI+ lino temporary off

CONTI+ lino aerator changing

CONTI+ lino changing mixing lever

CONTI+ lino changing the batterie

CONTI+ lino changing the cartridge valve

CONTI+ lino changing the sensor

CONTI+ product videos

Get an overview of the functions and properties of CONTI+ products. Our product videos give you a quick insight into our unique washroom solutions.


CONTI+ ultra

CONTI+ ultra Healthcare mode