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CONTI+ Service APP – intuitive, app-based control of individual faucets

Both new and existing drinking water installations need to meet numerous hygiene requirements – in Germany, for example, the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV) 2018. With our CONTI+ Service APP, we offer an effective means to extend the necessary programming, logging and documentation of the required hygiene measures to the control units of the individual faucets.
The Service APP allows convenient management of CONTI+ shower panels and concealed showers. Thanks to the user friendly and intuitive interface, faucets can be identified and selected for very straightforward management, programming and data readings.
The APP guides users systematically and logically through all menu items and features:
so that they can program sanitary rinses, check and set water running times, optimise sensor ranges, save settings and usage data, and more.
Used in conjunction with the BLE Converter, secure communication is established via Bluetooth® between the faucet and the required device (e.g. smartphone or tablet). All this can be done wirelessly, easily, intelligently and securely.