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CONGENIAL Duschelemente




Electronic shower systems

Unique and versatile, our wide product range has been systematically optimised over many years. Our electronic showers with shower panels and concealed showers with CONGENIAL, CONSMART, or the new, unparalleled CONPRIMUS water inlets offer luxurious comfort combined with maximum hygiene and safety. Exposed showers complete the extensive selection.
A special feature is the extremely robust piezo pushbutton for operating the showers, which ensures outstanding functionality and user satisfaction.

From battery operation to classic mains connection, with control via the Service APP or integration of the showers in the innovative CNX water management system, reliable shower operation is guaranteed at all times – including individually adjustable running time limitation and water settings. In addition, the electronic version with CNX allows beneficial functions such as sanitary rinse and thermal disinfection, and therefore meets all the requirements of the current German Drinking Water Ordinance.