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iQ A50 Concealed wall-mounted faucet, hygienic flushing, stainless steel matt, IR-sensor, Click-plus, battery, stainless-steel, no temp. mixing 100.310.00

Automatic mixed water flush of electronic faucets – with demand-dependent triggering at intervals, time control or a calendar function, as required, either integrated in the CNX water management system or accessed via the Service APP.Infrared sensor to trigger the water flow.

iQ concealed wall-mounted faucet A50, with IR sensor, without temperature-mixing, stainless-steel - final installation set

Touchless, electronically controlled faucet for flush mounting:
• For cold water or premixed water
• Sturdy version, brushed stainless-steel front cover and spout
• Reliable solenoid valve ROBUST (minimal level of water pressure surge) and economic aerator
• Dual infrared sensors (with automatic setting feature), microprocessor
• Follow-up time and sensor sensitivity adjustable with function key
• Temporary-off (cleaning) and continuous water flow time (filling of basin) activated by Click-plus
• Continuous water flow with Click-plus adjustable
• 12, 24 or 48-hour hygienic flush activatable with function key
• Easy installation in combination with shell set U3A (not included)
• Compatible with Service APP: control of stored operational data, settings and control functions

Service APP only available in conjunction with BLE Converter - no permanent evaluation option.
When using the Service APP, the BLE Converter must be ordered separately.

Battery: 6 V Lithium CRP2 - commercial; life time up to 4 years
Operating pressure: 0,3 −10 bar
Water temperature (max.): 80 °C
Flow rate (approx.): 6 l/min / 1,6 gpm (3 bar)
Follow-up time: 1 s pre-set (adjustable with function key 0-10 s)
Continuous water flow and hygienic flush time: 2 min pre-set (adjustable with function key 0,5-20 min)
Temporary-off: 2 min. (fixed)
Sensor sensitivity: Automatic self-adapting sensor technology
Built-in filters: 0,5 mm mesh size
Aerator: Economic aerator, CASCADE (self-cleaning)
Spout (x): 170 mm
Click-plus: Protruding function key Click-plus (continuous-on, temporary-off)
Engineering standards: DIN EN 200; Noise category I; CE

CONZ8439306 Shut-off valve for A50/U20 1/2" (Shut-off valve for A50/U20 1/2")
CONZ8439640 Electronics with Click-plus, battery (Electronics with Click-plus, battery)
CONZ8439641 Electronics with Click, battery (Electronics with Click, battery)
CONZ8439644 Electronics with Click-plus, mains (Electronics with Click-plus, mains)
CONZ8439645 Electronics with Click, mains (Electronics with Click, mains)
CONZ8439649 Gasket front plate 74,5cm (optional) (Gasket front plate 74,5cm (optional))
CONZ8439650 Front plate complete with Click-plus, Battery operated (Front plate complete with Click-plus, Battery operated)
CONZ8439651 Front plate complete with Click, Battery operated (Front plate complete with Click, Battery operated)
CONZ8439652 Front plate complete with Click-plus, mains operated (Front plate complete with Click-plus, mains operated)
CONZ8439653 Front plate complete with Click, mains operated (Front plate complete with Click, mains operated)
CONZ8439655 Valve unit complete for A50 (Valve unit complete for A50)
CONZ8439656 Dirt strainer complete (Dirt strainer complete)
CONZ8439657 Outlet 170 mm for A50 (Outlet 170 mm for A50)
CONZ8439658 Outlet 120 mm for A50 (Outlet 120 mm for A50)
CONZ8439659 Outlet 220 mm for A50 (Outlet 220 mm for A50)
CONZ8639718 Battery holder with round plug (Battery holder with round plug)
CONZ8939111 Sprayhead complete pressure-resistant, M24 (Sprayhead complete pressure-resistant, M24)
CONZ8955003 Battery replacement set (Battery 2CR5/DL245)
cono320000 Solenoid valve II, plastic casing (Solenoid valve 6 V, bistable)

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