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CONFREE freestanding shower stainless steel, piezo push button, battery, no temp. mixing, DN15 cone5518123100

CONFREE freestanding shower, stainless steel, piezo switch, DN15, straight design

Electronic shower unit, freestanding casing made of stainless steel, activation by easy to use piezo switch, demand-dependent and adjustable hygienic flush, for connection to cold or premixed water, freestanding installation.

Consisting of:
• Piezo switch, blue coloured ring, rosette high-gloss chromed
• Plug-in connection for shower head with integrated flow rate regulator 0.15 l/s, chromed
• Solenoid valve 6 V/DC ROBUST, bistable, in cartridge design, with connecting cable and connector plug
Freestanding casing: made of stainless steel, V4A, 1.4404 , brushed finish, with a large, waterproof inspection cover for easy installation and maintenance, with a stable base flange with four mounting holes
• Connection: fitting (clamp connector) for PE pipe Ø 25 mm

• Battery, lithium 6 V, waterproof sealed with connection cable and connector plug

Base functions:
• Water flow time: 30 s factory setting (3-180 s) with start/stop function
• Hygienic flush factory setting: 30 s water flush after 12 h of last water flow activation (12, 24, 72 h adjustable or may be disabled)

Operating voltage: 6 V/DC
Operating pressure: 1,0 – 5,0 bar
Flow rate: 0,15 l/s (flow rate limiter)
Connection: Threaded fitting (clamp connector) for PE-pipe Ø25 mm
Electronic protection type: IP68 (electronic components)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 220x2250x110 mm
Base flange (WxHxD): 210x320x10 mm

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