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CONTI+ Service APP

Fittings management on your smartphone


The new CONTI+ Service APP provides wireless access to all CONTI+ electronic fittings. It allows effortless programming, logging and maintenance of shower panels, concealed showers, washbasin faucets and urinal flush valves. Users can schedule and perform service functions such as water running time, sensor sensitivity, cleaning stops and safety switch-offs conveniently and securely on their smartphone or tablet. In addition, the CONTI+ Service APP can also be used to quickly and comprehensively perform measures required to ensure drinking water quality (such as sanitary rinses). Users can export CSV files for logging.

The individual fittings must be equipped with a CONTI+ BLE Converter for data transfer. This is installed between the electronics and the power supply for each fitting – a simple procedure that does not require any tools. The BLE Converter functions as a transmitter and receiver for the fittings. It can either be fixed to the fitting or used as a mobile unit for multiple fittings.


Double security

The CONTI+ Service APP offers double security: users not only need a password to log in, but are also classified according to their function by the licence management feature and assigned an application-specific usage profile. Only licensed users can make changes.
The user friendly and intuitively programmed APP is currently available in two languages (German and English) for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.


Functions include

Displays and analyses for each fitting

  • Battery status
  • Hours of operation
  • Number of times used
  • Water consumption
  • Number of sanitary rinses
  • Maximum water temperature (only in special cases)


Parameter settings for each fitting

  • Water running time and run-on time
  • Filling mode and cleaning stop
  • Sanitary rinse mode and running time
  • Restart delay
  • Sensor range levels
  • Installation location information
  • Demand-dependent sanitary rinse triggered at intervals
  • Maximum water running time (safety switch-off)
  • Water consumption calculation information


Product: CONTI+ Service App
Download: CONTI+ServiceAPP.pdf

Download from the iOS App Store: Apple App Store
Download from Google Play: Google Play