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CONTI+ lino AS L13

New washbasin faucet with thermostatic anti-scalding protection


The faucets in the CONTI+ lino family are characterised by their modern design, water saving automatic shut-off technology and convenient operation. Thanks to their clear design language and high recognition value, the 60+ versions from the lino range are ideal in combination with one another, providing an optimum solution for every

application area. The new CONTI+ lino upright faucet for washbasins with thermostatic anti-scalding protection can also be easily integrated into existing installations for a harmonious aesthetic. The patented, thermostatically controlled anti-scalding protection of the lino AS L13 offers increased safety in the case of cold water system failure, shutting off the hot water supply in accordance with EN 1111 after a maximum water flow of 300 ml. Pressure fluctuations in the cold/hot water system are also balanced out. The infrared sensor faucet can be adjusted for a temperature range of 15 °C to 40 °C using the small lever on the right-hand side. Thanks to its maximum mixing temperature of 40 °C, the CONTI+ lino AS L13 offers a sensible way to protect against scalding, especially in accessible bathrooms and other areas with vulnerable users, such as kindergartens and homes for the elderly. A further benefit for installers: since the thermostat is already built into the faucet, the CONTI+ lino AS L13 is very quick and easy to install.

The CONTI+ lino AS L13 with thermostatic anti-scalding protection is now available in chrome as an upright faucet for washbasins. It works with either mains power or a 6 V battery and can be networked with the CNX water management system and with the CONTI+ Service APP. These systems enable central control and monitoring of hygiene measures such as thermal disinfection and time-controlled sanitary rinsing.

Sensible protection: the new CONTI+ lino AS L13 with thermostatic anti-scalding protection is particularly suitable for use in kindergartens and accessible bathrooms.