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Safe travels with CONTI+

As more of us start to return to travel, many people are crossing paths and interacting, often from diverse areas of the country and the world. With a heighten awareness of hygiene, the touch-free technology of sensor controlled products can help reduce the spread of germs, at these busy locations. read on

The Education [r]evolution

From the very young to the more mature, educational environments are diverse but they all share one element in common. A flurry of activity between lectures and lessons. Where reliability and ease of use is essential before the next session begins.  read on

Minimise disruption with effective workplace hygiene

It’s no secret that the workplace has gone through a complete revolution over recent years. From silent corridors while office workers were requested to WFH, to the cautious return with strict rules for the reduction of infection transmission. Thankfully many offices have now welcomed more of their staff back to the workplace, yet this has brought about different challenges.
With high levels of coronavirus still in circulation, companies are having to manage the fluctuation of staffing levels, with employees requested to stay at home due to infection. Minimising disruption whilst encouraging healthy behaviours is seen as a key trend for workplace in 2022. read on

Entirely unique hygiene functions: separate flushing of cold, mixed and hot water

The proportional valve technology of the electronically controlled CONTI+ lino PRIMUS thermostat enables separate flushing of cold, mixed and hot water. In addition to a sanitary rinse with mixed water and thermal disinfection with hot water, separate flushing of the cold water line can therefore also be carried out. This is not possible with conventional washbasin faucets. As a result, this technology developed by CONTI+ can almost completely rule out the possibility of microbiological contamination of the drinking water. The technology was first read on

Quick support when recommissioning drinking water installations: CONTI+ offers a comprehensive level of service

When schools, swimming pools, hotels and restaurants reopen after several weeks of closure, particular care must be taken during the recommissioning of drinking water installations to ensure compliance with generally accepted engineering standards (EN 806, DIN 1988 and DVGW W557, W556 and W551)
read on


Reliable quality and an attractive price: the new CONTI+ CONSMART shower panel

CONTI+ has been systematically optimising its electronic shower panels in recent years to meet the needs of design engineers and installers. CONSMART shower panels are particularly distinguished by their compact water inlet and long term read on

Soap and disinfectant dispensers

For optimum hygiene, CONTI+ offers not only electronically controlled faucets, but also touch-free disinfectant and soap dispensers. Our wide range includes different versions for public, semi-public and commercial use. Read on

CONTI+ lino AS L13: new washbasin faucet with thermostatic anti-scalding protection

The faucets in the CONTI+ lino family are characterised by their modern design, water saving automatic shut-off technology and convenient operation. Thanks to their clear design language and high recognition value, the 60+ versions from the lino range read on

Bathing as in imperial times in the listed Münster Therme, Düsseldorf

Something that we take for granted in many places was still a rarity at the beginning of the 19th century: your own bathroom. Population growth and endeavours to improve urban hygiene led to the establishment of public baths, where burghers and workers, men and women read on

CONPRIMUS – award-winning design

Thanks to a concept that is as ingenious as it is simple, the new CONTI+ CONPRIMUS shower panels offer an entirely unique hygiene standard: the electronically controlled thermostat is positioned at the same height as the shower head. This reduces to an absolute minimum the standing water column that occurs with conventional shower systems. What’s more, the hot, cold and mixed water lines read on

VAH approval for CONTI+ oXan™ clean

The German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) certifies the effectiveness of products for prophylactic disinfection. Members of scientific societies, experts in hygiene, public health and infectiology, and representatives of professional associations use strict test protocols, clear guidelines read on

Electronic faucets

The robust CONTI+ washbasin faucets are characterised by their touch-free operation, water saving automatic shut-off technology and reliable quality. They are therefore ideal for use in public, semi-public and commercial buildings as well as in medical facilities. Read on

CONTI+ Service APP: faucet management on your smartphone

The new CONTI+ Service APP provides wireless access to all CONTI+ electronic fittings. It allows effortless programming, logging and maintenance of shower panels, concealed showers, washbasin faucets and urinal flush valves. Users can schedule and perform service functions such as water running time, sensor sensitivity read on