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Villa Metro

Villa Metro

Located in the heart of Mokotów, Warsaw at the urban junction between - Puławska str., Niepodległości alley and Wilanowska alley, stands the recently completed Villa Metro office building. The inspiration for its name has come from the adjacent Wilanowska metro station rebuilt by the investor and is easily distinguished by its exterior façade. Wrapped in a characteristic rhomboid structure, which graphically refer to the letters VM, the exterior has become a hallmark of the 8-storyoffice building. Behind the design of the Villa Metro building is the architectural office DA Dziuba Architects, who have developed the interior with Internity Home, regional partner for CONTI+ in cooperation with the investor. Carefully selecting products which meet modern ecological standards whilst creating an inspiring space for employees and their creativity. Through the thoughtful selection of these products, Villa Metro has become one of the few office buildings in Warsaw that meets the stringent LEED Gold certificate standards.

Julita Kucharska-Dziuba from the design office DA Dziuba Architects comments “The Villa Metro building has been awarded the LEED certificate at the Gold level, so it has many eco-friendly solutions such as: all wooden elements in the building are FSC certified (including internal wooden doors), energy saving thanks to a two-chamber glass façade and sunscreen blinds, a white island roof that reflects solar radiation, water flow limiters in toilets, installation of the so-called grey water, i.e. the use of rainwater for flushing toilets and all the finishing materials used, such as paints and varnishes,have a low VOC level. Villa Metro will be one of the few office buildings in Warsaw that meets the LEED Gold certificate standards.”

One of the solutions selected for the project has been the innovative CONTI+ Ultra wall mounted basin faucets whose sophisticated design conceals smart technology supporting water saving which has positively contributed to the LEED accreditation. The hands-free function reduces water usage by up to 70% with the water only flowing when it is actually required and by using the Conti+ thermostats it is possible to reduce the amount of energy used to heat the water. In addition, by specifying the faucets with 1,9 l/min water flow, our customer was able to achieve even lower water consumption.

However, the environmental and aesthetic credentials were only an element of the decision making. Simple maintenance and access from the front to the working parts of the faucet was also beneficial for the Facilities Management team of the building. "A person, after basic training, is able to repair the battery without disassembly. We do not need any tools for maintenance and we can do it ourselves within 2-3 minutes. During the intervention, you do not even need to turn off the water on the whole floor. This is especially important in public places, such as airports, hotels or office buildings when all the faucets have to function 24/7" explains Andrzej Łapkiewicz of Internity Home.

Investor: Reform Company 3 (owners of Blue City shopping mall)
Architect: DA Dziuba Architekci
Distributor: Internity Home


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