Krankenhaus Idar Oberstein

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Krankenhaus Idar Oberstein
Dr.-Ottmar-Kohler-Straße 2
55743 Idar-Oberstein

Image: ©CONTI

lino exposed mounted lavatory faucets

» lino exposed mounted lavatory faucets

wall-mounted faucets - a reliable partner in canteen kitchen and food processing companies! The sensor-controlled, wall-mounted faucets operate quickly and reliably ensuring the best hygiene through touch-free operation. Additional functions allow the user to conveniently adjust the wall-mounted faucets to individual demands.

ultra PUBLIC lavatory faucets

» ultra PUBLIC lavatory faucets

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Resource-efficient. The hands-free function reduces water use up to 70 % as water runs only when needed. This drastically reduces the amount of energy used to heat water as well. The optional solar module or the integrated turbine produces sufficient energy to extend the battery life up to 8 years – a perfect water and energy saver. High-quality materials and lead-free components ensure years of troublefree operation.