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Urinal fittings Conversion kits

» Urinal fittings Conversion kits

SOLino urinal flush valve - a genious novelty! The first urinal flush valve operated with SOLar power. An integrated mini power plant converts light into energy. From the sun or artificial sources - the special "solar energy module" operates optimally in any light. Unbelievable - battery replacement not needed for at least eight years.

lumino+ lavatory faucets

» lumino+ lavatory faucets

The end of long lines! The unavoidable long lines on central water heating are slow: Until achieving the desired water temperature, several litres of unused water get lost. Therefore Conti offers the economy lumino lavatory faucet in combination with an electronic instant water heater. Only really desired water flows and warm water gets produced directly under the washbasin - water flow only if required, but as long as necessary!