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Porzellanmanufaktur Meissen
Talstraße 9
01662 Meissen

Image: ©CONTI

lino lavatory faucets

» lino lavatory faucets

lino sensor faucet - sets new standards in ease of function - very suitable for residential use. lino is not only a feast to the eye but easy to operate as well. Water flows only when needed - economical and convenient. Thanks to touch-free performance, faucet and sink stay germ-free and clean longer.

lino conc. urinal flush valves

» lino conc. urinal flush valves

SOLino urinal flush valve - a genious novelty! The first urinal flush valve operated with SOLar power. An integrated mini power plant converts light into energy. From the sun or artificial sources - the special "solar energy module" operates optimally in any light. Unbelievable - battery replacement not needed for at least eight years.