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VAH approval for CONTI+ oXan™ clean


The German Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) certifies the effectiveness of products for prophylactic disinfection. Members of scientific societies, experts in hygiene, public health and infectiology, and representatives of professional associations use strict test protocols, clear guidelines and uniform standards to verify the effectiveness of disinfectants.

Our disinfectant was tested by two independent, VAH-approved laboratories, which confirmed its effectiveness through extensive assessments. CONTI+ oXan™ clean surface disinfectant proved its worth over various tests and received VAH certification for “Surface disinfection for prophylaxis in hospital and primary healthcare”.

Only tested disinfectants that meet all VAH certification criteria and prove themselves to be effective and efficient are added to the VAH list. Having demonstrated its efficacy, CONTI+ oXan™ clean has been awarded VAH certification and is now permitted to carry the “VAH certified” label.

Accordingly, CONTI+ oXan™ clean is one of only a handful of products based on electrochemically activated sodium hypochlorite to have received such VAH approval.


The benefits of CONTI+ oXan™ clean at a glance:

  • VAH-approved surface disinfectant that is free of hazardous substances
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, sporicidal and algicidal properties
  • pH neutral
  • Prevention of germ multiplication
  • Prevention of contact contamination
  • Residue-free elimination of germs and bacteria
  • Free of solvents, alcohols, aldehydes, dyes and fragrances
  • No toxicity to mucous membranes or eyes
  • No cytotoxicity (cell or tissue damage)
  • No phytotoxicity (plant damage)
  • Substitute product for disinfectants with hazardous substance labels
  • Sustainable production from water and salt – broken back down into water and salt 


The certificate can be downloaded here: