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Electronic faucets


The robust CONTI+ washbasin faucets are characterised by their touch-free operation, water saving automatic shut-off technology and reliable quality. They are therefore perfect for use in public, semi-public and commercial buildings as well as in medical facilities.

New to the range is the CONTI+ lino AS L13: a washbasin faucet with thermostatic anti-scalding protection – for extra safety, especially in places with vulnerable users, such as kindergartens and nursing homes. In particular, the patented, thermostatically controlled anti-scalding protection of the lino AS L13 offers increased safety in the case of cold water system failure by shutting off the hot water supply in accordance with EN 1111 after a maximum water flow of 300 ml. Pressure fluctuations in the cold/hot water system are also balanced out.

Our decades of experience in infrared sensor technology ensure reliable triggering of the water flow. As the technology is largely incorporated into the faucet, CONTI+ faucets are very quick and easy to install and maintain.

CONTI+ faucets work with either mains power or a 6 V battery and can be networked with the CNX water management system and with the CONTI+ Service APP. These systems enable central control, monitoring and documentation of hygiene measures – for simple, smart and reliable operation.