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Villa Metro

Villa Metro

The recently completed Villa Metro office building stands in the heart of Mokotów, Warsaw, at the urban intersection of Puławska Street, Niepodległości Avenue and Wilanowska Avenue. Its name is inspired by the adjacent Wilanowska metro station, which was rebuilt by the building’s investor and is easily recognisable by its exterior façade. Wrapped in a characteristic rhomboid structure designed to resemble the letters “V” and “M”, the exterior has become a hallmark of this eight-storey office building. The Villa Metro building is the design brainchild of DA Dziuba Architects, which developed the interior together with the investor and Internity Home, the regional partner for CONTI+. Selected products that conform to modern environmental standards create an inspiring space that gives employees the opportunity to unfold their creativity. Thanks to the careful choice of these products, Villa Metro is one of the few office buildings in Warsaw to have met the strict Gold LEED certification standards.

Julita Kucharska-Dziuba from DA Dziuba Architects commented: “The Villa Metro building has been awarded Gold LEED certification and boasts plenty of environmentally friendly solutions. For example, all of the wooden elements in the building are FSC certified (including the internal wooden doors) and energy savings are achieved through a two-chamber glass façade and roller sunblinds. Other features include a white island roof that reflects the sun’s rays, water flow limiters in the toilets and an integrated greywater system that uses rainwater to flush the toilets. All of the finishing materials used, such as paints and varnishes, have a low VOC content. Villa Metro is one of the few office buildings in Warsaw to meet Gold LEED certification standards.”

The innovative wall mounted CONTI+ ultra washbasin faucets were one of the solutions chosen for the project. Behind their sophisticated design lies smart water saving technology that has helped the building to secure its LEED accreditation. The touch-free operation reduces water consumption by up to 70 %, as the water only runs when it is actually needed. Energy consumption for water heating has been reduced through the use of CONTI+ thermostats. And our customer has been able to further lower water consumption by setting the faucets to a flow rate of 1.9 l/min.

However, the environmental and aesthetic credentials of each product were just one element of the decision making process. The building’s facility management team has also benefited from the ease of maintenance and access from the front to the faucets’ working parts. “The built-in battery can be replaced with just some basic training and an Allen key. We don’t need any special tools for maintenance and can carry out the work ourselves within 2 to 3 minutes. We don’t even have to turn off the water for this, as the integrated, fully automatic water shut-off (TwistStop) for service and strainer cleaning takes care of this (eliminating the need for a stop valve). This is especially important in public buildings such as airports, hotels and offices, where all faucets have to operate around the clock. What’s more, the faucets are compatible with the Service APP, which means the saved operating data, settings and function controls can be conveniently accessed via a smartphone,” explained Andrzej Łapkiewicz of Internity Home.

Investor: Reform Company 3 (owner of the Blue City shopping centre)
Architect: DA Dziuba Architekci
Sales partner: Internity Home

Our product range – ultra washbasin faucets

ultra wall mounted faucet – complements the ultra washbasin faucet range and further guarantees reliability and robustness in public and semi-public washrooms. The ultra is as attractive as it is durable. With elegant understatement, this faucet lends any washroom a designer touch, and sets itself apart with its puristic design.


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